Want to know more about EMF waves?

WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EMF or What to do when entering the forest for the first time and much more…The Director of The Meta-Center Chicago shares his insights…Don’t let his youthful face fool you!

For thoe interested in knowing why we decided to connect with the Meta-Center Chicago, it is solely based upon the questions resonating  with some of our listeners. How does one protect him/herself from the chem trails, sun radiation and other events hapening to nature globally. We at LDPH to reach out to the late Dr Delbert Blair’s  successor to the  Meta-Center Chicago, Tutukani Amen ii the new director of the center. Click on the play botton below to hear the entire interview commercial free.

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Ebony Boyd
Thankhs to you all with the continuance of the metaphysical work inherited to Dr. Delbert Blair. My favorite story of his is when he met the extraterrestrial that looked like him. I’ve always knew I was being guided and watched. I’ve had visions as a child on a felucca with 2 dark male beings. I went to the library they had withdrawn books. One of the books was The Pharaohs Boat(s). I Will be ordering a consultation. I Never Will Forget When Dr. Blair. Suggested We Always Be At Our Highest Vibration Possible. And The Importance Of Proper Use Of… Read more »