Thanksgivings day ???

Thanksgiving Day

…here in America has many different thoughts for many different people. Some adapt their foreign cultures to what they might interpret as the holiday spirit of the American story about the events that took place a very long time ago…and in some area, still repeating itself in a more modern day look.

For those who are the first generation born in the U.S., you are born and raised combing the outside world with the old country culture of those who are the elders in your family. So, yes you might celebrate Thanksgivings Day with food, family, sports, and emotional conversations but you have created a hybrid version of the day of thanksgiving.

When the Native Americans/American Indians came to those foreigners to their homeland, the original inhabitants shared how to survive the harsh winters and what to plant so you will be able to grow food and locate water and how to clothe yourselves with the skins of animals and much much more…including honoring Mother Nature.

But, the return gifts was more greed and duality than sharing from the heart as the initial people demonstrated.

So, why are you celebrating this day? What does it mean to you? Are you just following the wills of Madison Avenue and the marketing industry who have designed ways to have you march to the stores and purchase items that you don’t need and spend money that you don’t have? Becoming more addictive to products that will distract you… than those that will provide you with vibrant health or be empowering insights to create a more competitive workforce…a disruptive process.

As a child, I had so much fun on the holidays…however, I had fun and family to share joy and laughter every weekend because my grandmother was the “true” matriarch of this family with her roots in the west indies instilled, we were to stay together, those just arriving and those who are here will assist the new coming in. So, the family unit, good, bad or indifferent was close.

The Macy’s day parade was the beginning of our day on this last Thursday in the month of November. The excitement and the filming of the parade and the great food…such as potato salad with special spices, rice & peas with coconut milk and other special spices, curried goat, and chicken cacciatore, as the sides to the turkey which has been cooking for hours and the aroma filled the hallways on the three floors in our brownstone home.

The people who lived here for thousands of years taking care of Mother Nature had a pure innocent nature, they were not expecting the type of change in history that did occur. Most of the other cultures were not anticipating that type of cruelty and disregard for another person’s rights…especially if it does not coincide with the new status quo.

We are all very well aware of the past history…so, why are you celebrating the demise of a nation of people? This is a sad occasion not joyous.

The other aspect to that is similar to what I stated when I began this thought.

Our family shared a comrade every week, not just on specific days. As a child growing up in this culture, to see differently, and as a young adult and so forth, I have had the opportunity to see the change from family to fragmentation. There is now a need for others to say when it is time to remember your family and not all the stories.

I feel this type of day, in the pure sense of the word, should be celebrated every day…not just in November. And for those in November who remember the injustices brought to their ancient family members…there should be a memorial and a truth about that dark day for people of a very bright light.

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