Sandra Ivery Williams Woman of Substance

For those interested in knowing my trend of thought for this interview, I decided to name this second part segment Sandra Ivery Williams, a Woman of Substance, because of the journey she chose to grow from. Sandra is the daughter of the Light Weight Champion of the US AirForce who was inducted into the AirForce Hal of Fame in 1997. She refers to herself as a military brat…let’s add an international military brat who was exposed to cultures and places some of us only dream about.  Years in the government in the field of advertisement and wife of Division Manager of HTV (Houston, TX) Dwight Williams.

The best part of this interview for me is how Sandra refers to herself…”I like myself.” This is so rare in the 21c to hear a woman state she ‘likes” or “love” herself.

Sit back relax and listen to Sandra shares her story…


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