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Melvin P Coleman, Photographic Artist

Photographic Artist


Melvin P Coleman, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST Interview will be heard here in its entirety.

Are you familiar with this very innovative thinker, photographer/artist residing here in Phoenix AZ by the name of Melvin P Coleman?

For those who might want to know, Mr. Coleman and I sat down and had a great conversation about life and various forms of art through the eyes of a photographer. Very quiet and reserved, Mr. Coleman shared with the passion most people would not comprehend…the time and dedication to developing of one photograph, making sure the lighting and colors are portraying his mental vision of that scenery.

As he prepares to venture into the next chapter of his life…Mr. Coleman has created a blog LIVING MY DREAM THE JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME ….

sharing his daily activity while photographing the nature and structures across the United States. the journey will take approximately 3+ yrs.

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