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It’s very easy to fall to the wayside with the advent of the Internet and lack of visibility in local markets. Some days, that lack of visibility is due to life and all its many facets. And yet, we all dream that dream of either “when I was,” or “those were the days.”

The world of music has always held a magical appeal to the young, as well as the old. That is part of its illusion, the mystical combination of notes to create chords and progressions to bring that wonderful sound…that places one in the state of ecstasy…

Hmm! Nice!

Now, that is what we see, hear and believe. As people, we are easy like that. If you were anything like myself as a child, practice my instrument daily would have had more appeal if I was able to use magic and call on the “gods of osmosis” to provide my fingers with the genius touch…the “savant (according to Cambridge dictionary: ┬ámeaning, what is savant: a person with a high level of knowledge or skill).

T-Bone musician extraordinaire and I met a few months ago at the Desert Rose located in Old Glendale Az. A friend invited me to come for the ride and enjoy a night of “country music.” Hmm! I had no idea there was a plot for me to sing that evening, and because I sing/sang Jazz—I went to the mic and sang acapella. The audience loved the song and I was able to rush to my seat prior to any other suggestions. T-Bone heard my music and invited me to accompany him along with another musician (bass player). We did and the excitement of performing live return to my soul. The three of us harmonized outstandingly and a friendship, as well as, an appreciation for music development. We sang R&B— yes, at the Desert Rose.

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