Introduction for Millennials

For those interested, I find the millennials—outstanding, inquisitive, knowledgeable, career-minded as well as seeking ways to head their own companies (entrepreneurs). Attributes and they might be able to set the example for others to follow…

Are the millennials “rude,” yes…some are.

Are they interested in acquiring a “college degree,” yes…some will.

Will they need “help” navigating the “new” playing for employment or/and as a “business owner”…yes.

We could go on…however, you get the point. Journey with us through various industries with business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Before I leave you…

Does “third tier” (Silicon Valley) mean anything to you?

Thank you to the following photographers from for their beautiful work and assisting me with my thoughts via their images. Fano Missta 180712 jpg and Clark Sanders 249798 jpg

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