Our path as grandparents in the 21c requires some assistance from 2 friends I know who are committed to the success of their lineage. No, there is no known way of securing this grand adventure other than just asserting yourself to an altruistic cause…listen to your inner self and truly follow the guidance of your Spiritual Guides who have been walking with you all the days of your life. When you ask for directions, I am sure they expect you to follow their suggestions and walk “boldly” into the unknown.

Yes, there will be times when you want to throw your hands in the air and say “ I just don’t care” ( like the song)…especially, if you are the only “one” active grandparent seeing the need to save the lineage…the roads are treacherous for those who are walking through the mines without any guidance..other than their inexperienced friends in the same boat. You “only grandparent” must carry the torch and move your lineage forward.

Or, possibly, there are two of you who can stand as the beacon of light, sharing the “right” direction, as you can humanly see and sharing the truth about life, as it appears to you…and what comes next.

The job as a grandparent is your last greatest battle on this planet…and yes, you did sign up for this time and these interesting young grands that you have. This is your final opportunity to ‘launch your legacy into the stars of their continued destiny. Woo, how cool is that!

No, you can’t go with them…they can’t live your dreams nor that of their parents….they have their very own reasons for being on this planet at this time. What they need from you grandparent are your advice and tools. If you don’t have the correct direction or answer…say so, and together work towards finding the solution.

Are we negating the parent…no?

This conversation is for those who are not sure of how to place your feet on the road to save your legacy and not hurt the feelings of those, (your children and parents of your legacy) you love so dearly.

Put your foot down now!

Save your grandchildren and provide a steady foundation for them to anchor their feet in as they fly towards their dreams.

Your time is now! Your time is today, Today—to stand boldly and mend the challenges facing their birth, country, selfishness, poverty: mentally, physically emotionally and financially, disenfranchised communities for the middle and lower classes… as well as those who think in the world of duality, and the demise of the family unit… and yes, so much more.

For those who might be interested this holiday season, this should be your moment to prepare for the magical thrust of energy December is bringing.

You become the thrust of energy and positive energy for this moment in time and share it with those you love…if they don’t want to hear your words…just drop the seed. This is winter…hibernation season…the seed will do well in the spring. 🙂

So, what prompted this message…

Many things that I see in the world and within my own family.

But most importantly…it was the two veterans of love, commitment, a long loving relationship, trusting strong relationship with those who have walked their walk in life.

If you have not listened to Sandra and Dwight Williams’ truth in part one and two interviews, I suggest you do that now. They have provided great pearls and nuggets of wisdom so willingly, so unconditionally and so truthfully.

You can tell…

It has been my complete pleasure to have spent this moment in time with my two friends…Sandra and Dwight Williams.

Thank you,


Editor-in-chief of LDPH and Producer/Host of Conversations with Natalie J

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