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_It’s not every lifetime you will meet such outstanding people as I have met along this journey as a Broadcast Journalist. Thank all those from the past, present and future for allowing me the opportunity, and trusting me to share their stories with the respect and professionalism they are justly due. It’s not about the journey as much as it is about how you perceive your truth while traveling the roads of life. After all, you/we created it.  Ciao Natalie J



Frazier Prince, Film Director/Producer is a friend who I am very honored to have this opportunity to be one of the many to see this young producer come forth with the dream of a lifetime. In this interview, Frazier shares his journey returning to his childhood dream of directing. He speaks of his mentor and friend Paul De Silva who has transitioned and I am sure is watching and laughing knowing that his star student…did it! Congrats on your acknowledgment by your peers as the recipient of the Director Award….


The first person I met was Totukani Amen ii the present Director when I was inquiring about an extraordinary man by the name of Dr. Delbert Blair the Director of the Meta Center in Chicago Ill. Take the time to listen with a notebook and pen to the insights of this new director of the Meta Center and join him on special days for a more in-depth conversation about you and the world around you and within.


Dr. Anne Lundy the first woman conductor for the Houston Symphony who happens to be Black…what type of road did she travel in order to arrive at her desired dream and goal. We hope this interview will inspire and empower young woman of all nationalities to step into the greatness they possess and the courage needed for them to leave their footprint in life. Dr. Lundy would be a great mentor to follow.


Photographic ArtistInspiration comes in the strangest packages…Melvin Coleman blogger, photographic/artist a man of inspiration, courage, and discipline comes to mind. I read his blog speaking about his adventure and desire to photograph nature in her purest state the national parks. I follow his writings just to see when he would stop and change his directions…just because. However, he never did, as a matter of fact, he became more focused in the face of uncertainty he rose to the level his spirit was required for him to embark upon his desired journey. I guess it would be better if I just let you hear from Mr. Coleman…


I can only say…Thank you very much, Dwight Williams, for all that you do and share with the community…he is a great colleague and friend. I am sure I am not the only person who will miss you when you retire this year 2018. However, I am sure Mrs. Williams will be happy to have her husband home again. Best wishes to you and your next page in your book of life!


Just to be a little different, I decided to share a story I found to be very profound. Women, when inspired, will usually stand by “their man.” I found it rare when the man “reciprocated” and stood by his wife (a woman!). This is a story about such a couple from the voice of the woman who decided to support her man, without any conditions or future dreams… She did what she felt she wanted to do…a Woman of Substance.  Mrs. Sandra Ivery Williams, the wife of Dwight Williams


This is the final episode of the wonderful story about Dwight and his wife Sandra. I decided the young women need to hear the way…well, in my opinion, the manner in which a man, who is in love unconditionally, speaks about his wife and the way the wife speaks about her man.  I am just saying millennials and baby boomers…:)



I had so much fun speaking with Judi as she shared her insights and expertise as Director of Planning for AZ Community Foundation in Phx AZ. Visit their website for upcoming events and more information showing you what you Can do with your 501.C3.


The Millennials are arriving in the health industry with a clarity of vision and purpose. Their ability to decipher the best way to implement a particular modality is quick and with the confidence of a seasoned practitioner. Danielle Dickshinkski licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and Herbalist is opening our series on Health and Women.


As we have seen from the previous interviews, there are so many “new” and yet “ancient” tools we can use to learn oneself or in this case, find those dedicated to assisting the individuals to locate the tools needed to face the challenges in life. Kim Pinckly brings her expertise forward to share the journey walking down the road of self-knowledge.


We named this installment “the Bonus” because of the diverse insights into areas of importance to many in our daily activities. Join us in welcoming Levi A Williams from Orin Service Brokerage sharing his insights in Real Estate, The Law and Traveling (nomadic) lifestyle for men and women.


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I really enjoyed the interview with Dr. Anne Lundry. I’ve always been a closet Orchestra conductor myself. I guess it helps if you can play some instruments and read some music. 🙂