Personal Power and Hurricane Irma

Myself and other sent out a call for those who can comprehend the personal power they possess in regards to Hurricane Irma. We call for all to remember to use their gifts and send out positive thoughts to those who are in a state of fear because of the news and the possible impact of this storm.



Good morning to the residents of this Beautiful Planet,


I begin this message as such to make a clear statement. We must begin to act as if this is the ONLY home we have at the moment. It is now, and truly, long time coming for us to do more than just speak lamentations to those in pain and grief.

It is my belief, we can use that same energy and begin to do more than being victims to the strange weather patterns.

Begin by remembering your “thoughts” are your “things, and reality.”


Who did what is not as important as You remembering to use YOUR Energy for good.

Focus on the weather patterns (see clear skies) and what will happen next???

Have you ever tried? It’s just an experiment—right.?
Let’s see if we can truly help others.

Today at noon & 6:00 pm, your time zone, for five minutes,

Focus on the weather and

see clear skies… 🙂

Natalie J/ Visionary


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